Feb 15th, 1732 HST. The first sound in the hab is the slow breathing of my three crew members. We had just shut the door on our mission support team and media, and if all goes to plan, we will not see another human being for 240 days. This is a strange feeling. We all […]

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Training Week

Tuesday, 6th Feb., 2018. After a couple of weeks filled with bittersweet goodbyes to all the people I’m lucky to have in my life I arrived in Hawaii Kona airport. The 28 hours of travel left me feeling a little worse for wear, but I was reservedly excited as I shook hands for the first […]

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For any analog study, crew selection is important. If we want happy, successful and productive crews to explore the Solar System on behalf of mankind then we need to be sure how to choose the right people. As one of the longest analog studies ran in the world, here at HI-SEAS (Hawai’I Space Exploration Analog […]

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